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At A & K Ecofilm we take recycling seriously that is why all of our products are made from R-pet, the most sustainable packaging material in the world, R-Pet is made from recycled materials and is itself a recyclable material.

R-pet is recycled PET which comes mainly from post consumer waste such as drinks bottles. PET as a base product is the largest pakaging material used world wide in terms of water bottles. All of the major supermarkets are specifying food trays to be made out of food safe R-pet. For R-pet to be designated food safe it must go through an approved cleaning process prior to being manufactured.

The percentage of post consumer waste will vary in the makeup of the product due to current restrictions in the capacity of turning PET into food safe R-pet. However more and more capacity is coming on stream all of the time and there can be a minimum of 50% and as much as 100% recycled content in the product.

There are many benefits of manufacturing food safe R-pet for food packaging these include:

  • Reduced energy usage in manufacturing process
  • Reduced waste in the landfill
  • Reduction in the amount of oil used to manufacture raw material
  • Recycling 1 tonne of plastic bottles saves 1.5 tonnes of co2 verses landfill or incineration

Using R-pet represents a positive corporate social responsibility and a positive sales opportunity with your customers, use of it benefits both the producer and the consumer.

R-pet sheet make up


All A & K Ecofilm Ltd suppliers are checked and assessed to make sure that all their raw materials comply with the manufacturing of food grade materials. The typical make up of the supplied sheet is of a mixed amount of tested and certified raw materials as follows:

  1. Raw food grade virgin pellet
  2. Washed bottle regrind PET
  3. APET regrind
  4. P.C.W with raised I.V

The main core of the sheet is made from:

  • 35% Washed bottle flake PET
  • 30% regrind APET
  • 15% P.C.W with raised I.V to .8.0

The outer skin of the sheet is made from:

  • 20% Virgin Pellet

Side view of material:


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